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OLD Headlines

Jamie Gray joins the parent club

Jamie Gray and his wife Sarah have also found time to start a family. Their baby 'Edward' was born on the 2nd of August 2004 (6lbs 5oz). Although they have moved from Brighton to Horsham Jamie is hoping to return to training at Crawley Down as soon as it is possible.

Congratulations from us all.

Summer Camp 2004

Well done all those of you who survived this years Summer Camp. The weather was kind to us once again and I think everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We may even be allowed back to the campsite if we don't mention the water fight.....

A Special thanks to all of you who chipped in and made the weekend run smoothly, hopefully you'lll all be back again next year.

A Full Report and Pictures now available HERE.

The Blackbelt Grading with Grand Master Rhee

All of all you looking to grade at the end of August must get all your application forms / fees / passport photos into Carrie asap. Our club secretary will be skiving off for most of August and these should be sent off before she goes away...

Julian Adjare makes it two

This page is becoming a bit of a parent and baby site...... There must really be something in this training lark.

Congratulations to Jules and Michelle on the birth of their second child, born Monday 14th June 2004. She has been named Eva, and weighed in at 8lb 8oz

Well done to you all.

Mr & Mrs Clark's new family member

Now they're all at it..... Alan and Kate Clark announced this week that Kate is pregnant. Some of you may have noticed Kate's absence from training over the past few months during the early stages of pregnancy, but Kate will now be returning to training, on light duties.

Senior Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, one of the first to know, puts it down to Kate's newly achieved Black Belt technique.(So let that be a warning to all you other 1st and 2nd Dan's)

The Baby is due in November/December.

Summer Camp 2004

Preparations are well underway for this year's summer camp. We have a block booking at Horam Manor Touring Park, Horam, Nr Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 0YD from Friday 23rd July - Monday 26th July. We have a full range of activities planned including BBQs, camp fires, rounders, football, Taekwon - Do training and other surprises.

There is a strong possibility that there may be a water fight so bring your water pistols. You have been warned!!

Click Here for details, and the application slip.

Mr Scrase becomes a Dad

Jason and Rosie Scrase became parents to Ruby Lilly Scrase (7lb 8oz) on Friday 14th May.
Both Mother and Baby are well, and are now home.

Congratulations to them both.

Mr Scrase has been using the pregnancy as his reason missing training for the past few month's so maybe we will soon see him return.....

Area Grading and Seminar with Master Prewitt

Well done to all those who attended the area grading and seminar with Master Prewitt, hopefully you all enjoyed it.

European Bronze for Olivia

Ms Miller picked up a bronze medal at the ITF / AETF European Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. She competed as part of the ITF England Junior Girls Team, gaining the third place in Team Pattern. Olivia also competed in Individual Power Test finishing in 8th, not bad for a first attempt.

Pictures from the Euro's and a better report will be added soon

Official website with all results

Olivia takes on Europe

Newly graded Olivia Miller has been selected to represent England at the next Europeans in Bulgaria. She has also been told by her coach Mr Whitely VI Dan to be prepared to go the World Championships in Malaysia, if she continues with her form.

Well Done Miss Miller

For more of Olivia's pictures Click Here

This will be a very expensive year for Olivia, so if anyone has any good ideas for helping to raise some sponsorship, please contact the Executive Committee members to discuss them.

B and CD 1st AGM

Brighton and Crawley Down Taekwon-Do held their first Annual General Meeting on Saturday 27th March 2004. The meeting chaired this time by Mr Clark worked through all items on the agenda. Full minutes of the meeting will be available here soon.

The main subject of the meeting,the approval of the Constitution, and election of the Executive Committee, both went well and we look forward to seeing our new Executive Committee in action soon.

The three representatives now responsible for running the school are:

Patrick O'Brien I Dan
Marco Vallone I Dan
Carrie Procter

15 licenced members were present.

Taekwon-Do Paintball

I hope everyone present had a good day, and that their bruises don't take too long to go down

A full report, co written by Kate and Carrie is available here.

B and CD get 5 new Black Belts

The school had great success once again at the national Black Belt grading in Glasgow. Senior ITF Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha promoted all five of our applicants, so we look forward to seeing them in action soon.

Mal Procter
Kate Clark
Robert Procter
Charlie Smith
Olivia Miller

For a full report click here.

Thanks to Master Gary Miller VII Dan

I hope all of you who attended Master Miller`s training session on the Satuday (Feb 21st) enjoyed yourselves. I think it was great to see and 'hear' Master Miller in action, and nice to know VII Dan's can 'walk the walk'.
If you would like to thank Master Miller personally this is a link to his Guestbook.

For those of you who failed to make it you missed out on some enlightening training.

Carrie's Cupboard

Now added to website Carrie's cupboard, most items in stock but speciality ones may require ordering.

Thanks For Your Support

Special Thanks to Thor UK Plastics Ltd. for supporting Brighton and Crawley Down Taekwon-Do, enabling us to attend tournaments throughout 2003.

Good Luck to you all for 2004

End Of Year Speech for 2003
or as close as it gets

Well, its been an interesting first year... The merger of the two clubs went well and I think we have all benefitted from it. Everyone seems to have been sold something with the new logo on (Carrie should have been a sales person), but it is nice to see a strong club spirit growing.

We had our first summer camp, the water fight from which will take some beating next year, and I don't know how we can top 'bouncy boxing'. Hopefully we'll see more of you getting your tents down to next years event, that way we won't be eating left over Chilli all night.

We had some success at the National tournaments, with medals in all categories and a host of divisions. Also International success with Patrick O'Brien making the England Squad for the Europeans.

All of you have been promoted at some point throughout the year, four of you to Black belt (Marco, Patrick, Matthew, and Andy), some of you under some of most senior Instructors. And with so many of you now wearing red, we should have even more 'Black Belt' grading success next year. Hopefully we will all get a chance to see more of Grand Master Rhee too next year, if his ITF commitments allow.

We've been bowling, and laser questing... Mr Swaine showing everyone how to stay on the straight and narrow, and knock all the pins down. Ben showing he can take on anyone if he has a laser gun in his hand.

Our first club demonstration, at the Haven Center, in Crawley Down was another of our success stories of the year. All involved put in lots of work to produce a strong performance of what Taekwon-Do is really about. Even with some disappointment from boards not breaking (if it was easy we wouldn't need to train) I think everyone enjoyed the day.

A big thank you to everyone that has worked hard over the past 12 months to put B&CD; TKD together. Thanks all those who help with the cooking, the driving, and even the 'teaching', without everyone it wouldn't work. Special thanks however must go to Carrie, for doing everything that keeps it all going.

So we look forward to next year, more training (more bruises), more tournaments (more pain), more gradings (more stress) and more fun (!!). So have fun during the holidays and we'll see you all next year, but remember the more you eat the more I have to help you burn off.

Alan Clark B&CD; Senior Instructor

Marco Vallone's new baby

Marco and Anna are now proud parents of Vito Vallone. Born Tuesday 25th November 2003, weighing in at 8lb 2oz.

Congratulations to them both, from all at B&CD; Taekwon-Do

Brighton and Crawley Down Junior Christmas 2003

We will having a Junior Taekwon-Do Christmas Party at the Haven Centre, Crawley Down on Sunday 21st December (So no class that night). Party starts at 3pm until 7pm, food and entertainment provided. Parents note the Haven does have a bar to hide in if you want to stay.

Brighton and Crawley Down Christmas Bash 2003

Dinner at the Grand Hotel Brighton on the 19th December, is now booked if you haven't got a place ask Carrie or Kate if you could be fitted in.

Grand Master Rhee Grading and International Seminar 2003

Well done all who took part, and especially all those who graded. Special congratulations to Mr Haynes on gaining your 1st Dan (with distinction).

Summer Camp 2003

I hope everyone had a great time. A full report has been written by Kate Clark. Pictures in the Gallery.

Adults Laser Quest

Brighton and Crawley Down shared the honours in the 'Adults Laser Quest Night'. Crawley Down taking the first game, and Brighton taking the Second. In the mayhem game (All v All), Ben Hillard took 1st, with Mal Procter, and Kate Clark not far behind.

I hope everyone had a good time.

The Black Belt Grading - March 2003

By Marco Vallone

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