Brighton and Crawley Down Executive Commitee

Executive Committee

Marco Vallone II Dan

Patrick O'Brien II Dan

Jon Swaine III Dan
Health and Safety Officer

Carrie Procter

Alan Clark V Dan
Senior Instructor

Jason Corder III Dan
Senior Assistant Instructor

    This committee was voted in on 27th March 2004 by the licensed members of Brighton and Crawley Down, in accordance with our constitution.

    The committee is responsible for the day to day running of the school. All prices and fees are set by the committee to ensure all costs incurred to run and maintain Brighton and Crawley Down Taekwon-Do are covered. They are also in place to oversee that we remain a non-profit making, non-political, predjudice free organisation.

    If you have any queries regarding issues pertaining to the the schools administration, please feel free to contact one of the Executive Committee members.

Minutes of the meeting dated 16th May 04.

Accounts for year end 2003.