Brighton and Crawley Down Prices.

    Prices are set by Brighton and Crawley Down Executive Committee.

    The prices for training (2 hour class) are as follows:-

    Training - 6 per session

    Gradings - 15 per grade - includes Belt/Tags and Certificate

    The prices for Junior Taekwon-Do training are:-

    Training - 3 per 1 hour class

    Gradings - 5 per grade

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    Per Calendar Month

      For Brighton or Crawley Down -
        36 (Adults) 30 (Juniors, Students[NUS card holders], and OAP's)
        + 3 for additional training

      For both schools (All Classes) -

    Beginners' Specials

    One month's training fees, annual licence fee/insurance and one suit
    70 Adults and 65 Juniors

    One month's training fees, annual licence fee/insurance, one suit and hand/feet protectors
    115 Adults and 105 Juniors

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