Mrs Kate Clark I Dan

    Date of Birth
      11th November 1977

      Kate began her training with Mr Edmond Chow at Brighton UKTA School in 2000. She then changed instructors when the school was handed over to her husband Mr Alan Clark V Dan and began training under the Brighton and Crawley Down banner.

      Kate has always made the most of being Mr Clark`s wife and was the Official England Mascot for many an International tournament before she had even started training.

    Grading Results
      10th Kup - July 2000
      1st Dan - March 2004

    TKD Qualifications
      St John's Ambulance trained first aider

    Tournament Result Highlights
      British 2003 - Silver -53Kgs Sparring
      British 2003 - Bronze Red Belt Patterns

    Other Interesting Facts
      Likes: Roast dinners, steak, holidays and cats
      Dislikes: Peanut butter, coffee and arguments

Personal Gallery
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