Mr Jon Swaine III Dan

Club Health and Safety Officer

    Date of Birth
      20th September 1972

      Started training at Durrington Leisure center in 1993 with Sean Ellis, switching to hove with Mr Chow in 1995/96

    Grading Results
      10th Kup - March 1993
      1st Dan - March 1996
      2nd Dan - October 1997
      3rd Dan - 29th August 2004 (GrandMaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan ocm)

    TKD Qualifications
      Attened various self defence and thai boxing courses outside TKD. More recently i've attened UKTA courses with Grandmaster Rhee. Also BTC insructors course.

    Tournament Result Highlights
      Entered some comps as a colored belt, but i was so good i had to stop and give someone else a chance!!

    TKD Career Highlights
      Attened a colour belt seminar with General Choi in Leicester in 1993.

    Other Interesting Facts
      Likes: Football,Golf and going to the pub (although you would never know).
      Dislikes: Running and Mushrooms!

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