Mr Robert Procter I Dan

    Date of Birth
      24th May 1990

      Started training March 2000 at Crawley Down Taekwon-Do under Mr L. Blume II Dan. Now training at Crawley Down and Brighton under Mr A. Clark V Dan.

    Grading Results
      10th Kup - 25th May 2000
      1st Dan - 7th March 2004

    TKD Qualifications

      Tournament Result Highlights
        Bronze in sparring Welsh Sept 2003

      TKD Career Highlights
        Trained under ITF Senior Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan, Master Cutler VIII Dan & Master Miller VII Dan.
        Currently training with ITF England, as part of the Junior Development squad.

      Other Interesting Facts
        Fulham Supporter & Season ticket holder.
        Plays football, Basketball and Tennis
        "Likes TKD best out of everything he has done"

    Personal Gallery
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