Mr Patrick O'Brien II Dan

Club Treasurer

    Date of Birth

        I started training in a WTF style class at university in 1997 (with Mr J Edwards VI Dan), training at an ITF class in Brighton (with Mr E Chow IV Dan) during my holidays. Although I saw the light and converted fully to ITF after university, I do credit my first instructor with instilling mental discipline in me and beginning my martial arts career.

        After University I spent sometime training with Mr P Brand II Dan, a student of Mr Chow's.

      Grading Results
        10th Kup - 1997
        9th kup - 1997
        8th kup - 1998
        7th kup - 1998
        6th kup - 1999
        5th kup - 1999
        4th kup - 2000 (converted to ITF style Taekwon-Do)
        3rd kup - 2001
        2nd kup - 2001
        1st kup - 2002 (GrandMaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan ocm)
        1st Dan - March 2003 (GrandMaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan ocm)
        2nd Dan - 29th August 2004 (GrandMaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan ocm)

      TKD Qualifications
        St John's Ambulance trained first aider

      Tournament Result Highlights
        2004 UK Open Championships - Silver medal 1st Dan patterns, Bronze medal -80kgs Blackbelt sparring
        2003 European Championships - Represented England in Individual 1st Dan patterns
        2003 London Open Championships - Gold medal -80 kgs Blackbelt sparring, Bronze medal 1st Dan patterns

      TKD Career Highlights
        Receiving my 1st Dan Blackbelt from Grandmaster Rhee IX Dan in March 2003

      Other Interesting Facts
        A qualified Accountant!!

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