Mr Jason Corder III Dan

Senior Assistant Instructor

    Date of Birth

      1993 - 2001 Brighton Taekwon-Do School under Mr Edmond Chow IV Dan
      2001 - present Mr Alan Clark V Dan

    Grading Results
      10th Kup - 13th February 1994
      1st Dan - 1st April 1997
      2nd Dan - 4th October 1999
      3rd Dan - 29th August 2004 (GrandMaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan ocm)

    TKD Qualifications
      UKTA Instructor (Class C)
      St John's Ambulance trained first aider

    TKD Career Highlights
      Competing for ITF England at the ITF World Championships, in Greece 2003
      Passing his 1st Dan, 'as it made me realise (as cliched as it is) that I was still a beginner and not an expert, and that this was where my training and understanding of TKD would begin'

    Other Interesting Facts
      Wrote a beginner's book on TKD in 2001, which was a great experience
      He run's his own TKD school in Eastbourne where he teaches twice a week
      A big fan of Liverpool FC, attending Anfield several times each season.
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