Carrie Procter

Club Secretary

    Date of Birth
      18th January...

      Began training in June 2003 although I have been actively involved in TKD since 2000 when my hubby & eldest son started training. I eventually succumbed to the "nagging" etc and started training myself under Mr Clark.
      Became Secretary of B & CD in Jan 2003 and am now fairly involved in TKD life!

    Grading Results
      9th kup - 6th Octber 2003
      8th kup - 6th December 2003
      7th kup - 29th February 2004
      6th kup - 16th May 2004
      5th kup - 26th August 2004 - Under Senior Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan

    TKD Qualifications
      St John's Ambulance trained first aider
      BTC Qualified

    TKD Career Highlights
      Trained under Master Miller and Master Prewitt
      Supported England team in Greece & Bulgaria
      Seeing the North Korean Demonstration Team at the 13th ITF World Championships

    Other Interesting Facts
      I have 4 children, we all train together
      I enjoy reading, swimming, family life and chilling out

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Studying Theory at the ITF Euros